Kom og leg med os og lær engelsk eller spansk. Vi mødes på Mørkhøj Bibliotek to lørdage om måneden.

Here you can promote for free your projects, your ideas, or anything that you do.

We love all women's kraft!

Montessori's Psycho-motor development chart


The best guide to understand how to surround your child with what is best for a happier baby and a joyous home.


Turn your pictures into a work of art.

Your favourite moments become a timeless watercolour.


"Let's do cool projects together."

"We organise family activities for bilingual kids at Mørkhøj Bibliotek."

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We want to create collaborations and kinship among people. Connections that are more human; that gratify, educate and activate creativity, for a better quality of life for all of us.

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