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What is meztizæ?


Meztizæ is a word to unify. It means mix raced and multicultural. It is an individual with a rich and broad background which cannot be comprehended if divided, but only as a total. As well, it does not see gender or age, because it is just totally inclusive, and welcoming to everybody.

And the proposition is that if everyone in the world was to define itself as meztizæ, nothing could really divide us anymore. As we all would be acknowledging that we all belong to one human race, that is diverse and beautiful, as everything about us is acknowledged and respected. Because we all fit in.


Let’s start the meztizæ movement, which is about being human and about protecting all humankind?

So often different groups and communities feel the need to create a movement that protects their rights, gives them a voice and represents them to reach equality at the level that other groups have. That is important and very good as well. There are also groups that want to conserve things as they were in a moment of time, when they seemed to have had an advantage. They may be afraid of change for that reason, and this is as well within their rights. But how about having and supporting as well one option to invite everyone to fit in, in a much broader group that welcomes all. Just good will and lots of compassion for one another, including all genders, all creeds or non creeds, all people without restrictions. And using our freedoms to respect and abstaining from insulting the other in anyway.


As it was in the old days, one can learn so much more from connecting with others and by sharing our own personal experiences, getting to know each other at a personal level. Listening and learning. Coming to realise that we have so much more than bring us together. I feel that trying to fit in, in a new society, in a new culture is something that many can connect with. So the idea of this blog is to provide as well with positive feedback and information, to improve the lives of those who may need support, and build up a stronger community, starting with our neigbors.

We are all inmigrants in a point in our lives, it is human nature to find the best conditions for our families to thrive and develop. At a governmental level, it becomes more challenging for the local governments to quickly learn how to deal with us. Some of us have moved thousands of kilometres away. Some use fancy names to call us and make us feel more welcome: international families, expats. But saying that we are all immigrants would be much more considered, especially to those who have moved away because of their difficult circumstances. There is always something to share and something valuable to learn from each other, no matter how little is the city or how small is the village where we come from.


So lets share these good vibes and the joy of feeling welcome to wherever we are. Nobody is perfect, we all have bad days. But let’s keep on trying and reach out.

With small gestures of goodwill, we could move mountains, and build on these new relationships which will become pivotal when we are far away from our own parents and close family.


So let’s get started with meztizæ


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About us:

We want to create collaborations and kinship among people. Connections that are more human; that gratify, educate and activate creativity, for a better quality of life for all of us.

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