Listen to the song and learn about the continents

Following you will find a passport, and you can learn so much more about the world and your own family:


  • ¿What is the name of your planet? ¿How many oceans are there and what are they called?


  • ¿Can you draw your flag? ¿Can you draw your parents flag?
  • Learning new things is super fun. Come to the library as often as you can and pick up a book or two, and always read a book before going to bed. That is a wonderful habit to develop and build on.

Come to a Mørkhøj Bibliotek on the weekends with your family. Here we play and learn interesting new things in different languages (Danish, Spanish and English). But as well develop friendships in the local community.


At 10H30. Check this calendar for more details!

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"We organise family activities for bilingual kids at Mørkhøj Bibliotek."

About us:

We want to create collaborations and kinship among people. Connections that are more human; that gratify, educate and activate creativity, for a better quality of life for all of us.

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