Twice a month, we meet at Mørkhøj bibliotek, and do something interesting in different languages. We practice our English and Spanish, while making new friends in the neighborhood.


On saturdays, at 12H00. Check the following calendar for details!

Den sultne larve aldrig mæt - pre-matematiske spil optælling og sortering på engelsk.

“The very hungry caterpillar”, we learn to count, sort and classify.


Hi, try to watch the video, and then find out the names of all the things the caterpillar ate every day.


We are going to learn about colours, the days of the week, we will count and identify what did the caterpillar eats, and as well, we will learn about its journey: from a little egg, a small caterpillar, a big and fat caterpillar, a cocoon, and a beautiful butterfly.

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We want to create collaborations and kinship among people. Connections that are more human; that gratify, educate and activate creativity, for a better quality of life for all of us.

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